narrated reality

new forms and interfaces for writing, enabled by machine intelligence

A camera that narrates images

A fully autonomous and self-contained image-to-text narrator: take a photograph, and receive expressive text related to the image in about 15 seconds.

A compass that narrates locations

Inspired by wardriving, a tool that lets you write with your car: built inside the center console from a police cruiser, and mounted with a navigator's compass from a B-17 Flying Fortress—with this compass, you'll always know where you're headed, as the device narrates your GPS locations.


A clock that narrates time

A punch clock that delivers narration when you punch in. Like the camera and compass, this clock works with any neural network cartridge in the narrated reality library.

A common platform

Each device uses an Nvidia Jetson TK1 system-on-chip computer, and a Datamax-O'Neil MicroFlash 4T thermal printer. Neural network cartridges from the narrated reality library may be inserted into the Jetson's SD card slot.

A library of options

Each device can use any SD card from a library of LSTM recurrent neural network models trained on different source texts.

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Adventures in Narrated Reality is an essay about this project and the research that led to it.

By Ross Goodwin, 2016